André Gomes breaks the silence and makes revelation

In an interview with `Panenka’ magazine, André Gomes opened his heart and acknowledged that he was living a delicate period in Barcelona, ​​to the point of being sometimes ashamed to go out on the street.

“I do not feel good in the field, I’m not enjoying what I like to do most. In the first six months things went very well, but then everything changed. Maybe it’s not the right word, but I feel like I’m living hell. I started to have more pressure. With the live pressure well, what I do not read well is with the pressure that I put to myself. I have a bad feeling during the games, “said the Portuguese international.

“In practice I’m calm, I feel comfortable with my teammates. It happens that sometimes I have little confidence and even in training it shows. I may have played one or two days before and I still have the image of the game in my head, which does not allow me to move on, “the 24-year-old said.

Anguished by the gaze of others, André Gomes opts for closing in on his world, safe from potential criticism.

“For more than once I thought about not leaving home, I was afraid to go away in shame. I keep all the frustration to myself and I do not talk to anyone. It’s as if I feel ashamed. I suffer for thinking too much, “he confided, concluding:

“Although my companions support me a lot, things do not go the way they wanted.”


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