German referee for Sporting in Plzen

Tobias Stieler was UEFA’s chosen referee to lead Sporting in the second leg of the Europa League round of 16 with Viktoria Plzen in the Czech Republic.

International since 2014, Stieler, 36, has a short history with Portuguese sides: he scored a Shakthar-SC Braga (2-0) in the European League group stage in the 2016/17 season; and also led a Portugal-Spain (1-3) in the group stage of the European Under-21 in 2017.

Also from Germany are traveling to support Stieler Auxiliary Mike Pickel and Jan Seidel, assistants Marco Fritz and Patrick Ittrich and also the fourth referee Christian Gittelmann.

Also notable for this European day was Portuguese Artur Soares Dias, who will sing for the reception of Lokomitiv Moscow, by Eder and Manuel Fernandes, at Atletico Madrid. The AF Porto referee will be joined by Rui Tavares and Paulo Soares (assistants), Hugo Miguel and João Pinheiro (assistants) and Bruno Rodrigues (fourth referee).

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