Government suspends League after incidents at PAOK-AEK

The Greek government decided to suspend the championship after Sunday’s confusion at a PAOK-AEK where the game was stopped after the owner of the home club entered the pitch with a pistol at the waist in protest against a decision of the referee.

“We have decided to stop the championship and the League will only start again when we reach an understanding that is convenient for everyone,” Secretary of State for Sport Giorgos Vasiliadis said after an urgent government meeting.

“What we have seen is an attack on the honor of Greek football. It damages the club and the fans. That someone enters the field with a pistol is an inadmissible provocation, “commented the Minister of Internal Administration, Panos Skurletis, to the agency AMNA.

Referee Georgios Kominis quashed a goal that would give the team the victory of the Portuguese team Vieirinha in the final minutes, which led to the chaotic situation and prompted the entry of Savvidis, threatening the death judge. The referee would come later to give the goal as validated.


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